1. Welcome to Tom Oak

    Welcome to Tom Oak

    Tom Oak is what the French call a "Gourmand". Its a euphemism for being passionate about good food, wine and whisky. Tom writes about all that and more.

  2. Tom's Passion for Cooking

    Tom's Passion for Cooking

    Food, some just enjoyed without preparation, but most food can or needs our creative mind and skill to lift the produce into a meal or dish. Billions of people around the world are connected through their love for food, or even larger passion for preparing it. Recognize yourself? Feel extra welcome! We are under like minded here...

  3. Tom's Love for Whisky

    Tom's Love for Whisky

    What would life be withouth whisky? Is it the thousands of nuances of taste? From the smoky, peated ones, to the floral and fruitfull ones with tones of citrus or orange? Life wouldn't be the same without it!